Rafa Zamier

Full Stack Developer


Me in 10 Seconds

Hi I'm Rafa. A Bangalore based Software Engineer.

Not sure how I got here, but killing it with some positivity and a young mind and spirit! ^_^

I describe myself as outgoing and open-minded.
I am a dedicated developer on my not-so-lazy days and binge-watch Netflix on most others. 😄

Okay, scroll by! Thats about 10 seconds now :))



Check out a few of my works

Zenith Farm Website

An informative/static website for Zenith Farms built using HTML/CSS and Bootstrap.

View on Github
Online Exam System

A web application built using Laravel(PHP). It allows students to take tests online for automated evaluation.

View on GitHub
Certificate Generator

An application that generates unique certificates for each course that the student has enrolled for and completed.

View on GitHub
Life On Canvas

A portfolio website showcasing paintings, art work and blogs of Priya Pai.

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